The first edible insects desktop hive by Livin Farms

It’s cool and important to support, present and promote some new products. But they are also some big awesome projects that didn’t hatch yet which also deserve some support. The one I’m gonna present you today had particularly touched my heart : It’s the world’s first desktop hive for edible insects created by Livin Farms.

edible insects entomophagy rearing mealworms

As with my father we’ve been rearing edible insects on a home scale for 2 years now, it’s natural that we got a crush on this brilliant hive which will allow you to rear easily some fresh mealworms on a weekly basis…

Why grow your own edible insects ?

If you are here, you know that edible insects are the best! If you’re not convinced yet, just click here for some home-made recipes with edible insects or here for some different articles and products tasting.

The point is why grow by your own edible insects? This hive provides between 100 and 200 grams of fresh mealworms per week (which pound for pound contains as much protein as peas, lentils and meat), so it’s the most convenient and easiest way to grow by yourself some such high, nutritious and delicious food in a so tiny place. (I’m already imagining my hive next to my sprouter). That’s not all, they can be fed with some of your green left overs!

If you’re, like me, living in a city you have very few chances of growing your own food. And growing food, having real connexion with food is so important. It’s when I started rearing my own edible insects that I began looking differently at my beefsteak…

Another good point : IT’S 100% LOCAL! You have a total view from hatch to plate! You know what you’re eating, where does it come from and how it has been fed.

How grow your own edible insects with this desktop hive?

edible insects entomophagy rearing mealworms

It’s based on the same principle as our own system with a lot of improvements and optimizations. As with I’m able to see on the picture :

  • It has been elaborated regarding the insect’s life cycle so it requires the minimal place
  • With few manipulations required, a sustainable starter kit and the automatic separation of the frass it’s safe, healthy, delicious and clean!
  • With the regulation of air and temperature : the efficiency is optimized and no odor
  • I need to say it : The design is great!

So in conclusion : It’s class, effective, require few manipulation and it provides each week fresh, delicious, nutritious, sustainable and 100% local food

edible insects entomophagy rearing mealworms

It’s so great! I wanna support the project!

If you too, find that this new hive is an amazing way for producing your own high quality food, you can support the Livin Farm’s project on Kickstarter.

edible insects entomophagy rearing mealworms

As someone who has spent a lot of time studying, rearing and feeding (and eating!) mealworms, you can trust me if I tell that this project is brilliant and deserves to be supported.

Needless to say that I will find a way to spare enough money for having my own desktop hive…

Before ending, here is a video of Katharina presenting the hive and speaking about edible insects :

PS : Dear Katharina, one of the prior task planned in my to-do list is to take a picture with Arnold Schwarzenegger flexing our biceps and eating some bugs together. As an Austrian girl, I hope you’ll be with us on the picture!

Hive livin farms farming mealworms

Take care and see you soon!



Formerly I'm an environmental engineer, personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and "Entotarian". In the edible insects industry for five years, I've been consultant for an insect farm in France, free-lance writer and international speaker. After developing the world's first table-top farm, I'm now in Paris with Jimini's where we are developing and selling delicious insects. I would say that my life revolves around eating insects.

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6 Responses

  1. Oldskool says:

    Wow, this definitely seems more professional looking than all the versions that came out before this one. All the earlier “tabletop hives” or such seemed obsessed with a ‘bubble’ aesthetic to one degree or another….

    Huh! I just went to the KS for it, to see what the price was to comment on that (I couldn’t find a reference in yours), and saw near the bottom that she developed one of those versions I’d seen before!

    As for the price, it seems reasonable-for-what-it’s-offering, but nonetheless restricts itself for the upper middle class and above for viability. But still quite enticing….

    Great article. You clearly know all about the needs for raising insects at home, and were the perfect person to give an *educated* review of this! I’d trust your word on this over any news program “journalist”.

    • Flo says:

      Yeah totally, this hive looks really professional!

      Thank you for these kind words, it really cheers me up!

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