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What is “EntoMoveProject”?
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For a healthy mind in a healthy body on a better world



It’s the shortcut for entomophagy. (I think that it won’t help you a lot…)
It comes from the ancient greek «éntomos» or  «éntomon» which means “cut in two” which is related to the segmented body parts of the insect and the word «phagein» to eat.
(Arachnids and myriapods are in this particular case considered as insects).

In fact, it’s like insectivore but for human! In this part of the blog, you will find some personal or revisited recipes, some products reviews and also some information about our domestic raising system.

You can read also some interesting news from different medias (saying something further and deeper than “it’s the future food but we’re not ready yet”) and personal articles ,ideas or thoughts about the subject I wanna share with you.

Because the movement represents, for me, life in itself, it’s always going out of your comfort zone, getting off the beaten track, physically or mentally.

In this part, you can read some articles related to the other main subjects that make me feel alive and inspire me : nutrition and dietetics, fitness and health. (I promise that you won’t see some pictures of my plate filled with breast chicken and broccoli!)


It means all the ups and downs, the joy of meetings and the lonely hard work, the successes and the failures from this adventure.

In this part, you can find everything about the events and activities, the local and global actions taken. I also share with you some of my daily work moments and personal thoughts and ideas.

Again, enjoy your time on my blog and bug appétit!



If you want to learn more about me, it’s here!