5 years of expertise in the edible insects industry

Happiness comes with locusts! Montreal Eating Innovation Food group, Credit : Jan Keck 2014

Happiness comes with locusts!
Montreal Eating Innovation Food group, Credit : Jan Keck 2014

My name is Florian Nock, I’m 30, I @live in Paris (France) and I eat insects. For the moment, this is something considered as weird, crazy and ,for the most of the time, disgusting (only in the Western countries!). My goal is to help changing the mentalities.

I’m currently working at JIMINI’S in Paris as web marketing manager and brand developer. Jimini’s is the European leader in developing and selling food products made with edible insects.
I’m also a consultant for insect farming, personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and blog writer. If you want to work with me, send me an e-mail here

Grateful to be in the edible insect industry

With more than 6 years in the edible insect industry, I’ve been lucky to work on several international projects with great people :

  • Expertise in home scale insect farmer (Mealworms and
  • Consultant for insect farming in Strasbourg (FR), early steps of development for mealworms and black soldier fly (Tenebrio molitor, Hermetia illucens) for animal feed (2016)
  • Consultant for insect farming in France : Technical support and expertise for breeding mealworms (2018)
  • Development of the HIVE™, the world’s first table top-farm for edible insects in Shenzhen (China)(2017)
  • Speaker at Eating Insect Detroit (USA) (2016)
  • Participation at “Future of Food : Edible insects Montreal” (Canada) (2014)
  • Speaker at Brussel’s council of Europe during AgriFood workshop (Belgium) (2017)
  • Manager at Jimini’s, European leader in developing and selling food products made with edible insects.
  • Web editor and publisher for Dr. Meyer-Rochow, pioneer in the edible insect scientific research
  • Writer for Entomofago, the first European journal dedicated to edible insects
  • Speaker at Paris Nutrition fair (2018)
  • Featured in several international journals, magazines and TV show

My background : Developing an edible insect expert degree

When you’re passionate about something and want to catch up, you got to learn and develop your skills!
My formal background is a Licence Degree in Physics and a Master degree in Environmental Engineering obtained in Strasbourg (FR)

The day I decided to be seriously involved in this industry, I had to create my own degree. As they were many experts in various fields related to edible insects and entomophagy, I decided to take a cross-disciplinary approach and continuously learn the various topics and become an “expert generalist” by studying MOOCs and attending seminars.

Eager to help people achieve their fitness goals and help them integrate edible insects in their diet, I obtained a Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist certification (American council on exercise)

Since 2014, I built my own “edible insects” degre by studying :

  • Health & Nutrition
  • Behavioural sciences
  • Food science
  • Entomology
  • Marketing and communication

How it started : A passion for edible insects and entomophagy

This goal is ,for me, the connection of all the dots. In other words, it is the combination of all of my passions : Nutrition, healthy lifestyle, environment and sharing.

As an ex-obese child and ex-anorexic young adult who became a fitness enthusiast, I have a special relation with food. I always try to find the healthiest way to eat and discover and taste new nutritious products.
I had been interested in the environment for a long time, it started with all the books and TV shows I watched during my childhood until my master degree obtained in environmental sciences.

I had always been enthusiast about sharing, entertaining and teaching. During all of my previous jobs, my favourite moments were when I had contact with audiences and when I could share my thoughts and ideas.

I started this blog in 2014 along with a mealworm home-scale farm.