Learning the field of edible insects : My tips for learning

Hello everyone! Seemed to be a while (again!) huh, but I’m back for 2017 for speaking about food, nutrition, environment and first of all : edible insects and entomophagy!

I will start 2017 with a topic that I’m applying personally for learning my craft about edible insects : Continuous learning. (And it’s also why you didn’t heard from me for a while). If you don’t want to eat bugs, don’t leave me; that’s not a problem, I share with you how you could apply it in your field in order to be more effective! So, we’re in February but it’s not too late to make and keep up good resolutions!

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Where can I learn about edible insects?

I know that it might sounds quite odd to try to learn “Entomophagy” and everything related to eating insects but how can you learn something like that?

Now there are many methods and resource available

  • Books
  • Online course
  • Youtube
  • Scientific studies
  • Blogs

And as now edible insects got some attention, we are lucky to have more and more relevant and complete information. (But information is not all, executing is the game and as an emerging industry we are also facing true challenges)
The drawback is that too much information can also be detrimental… In a next post, I will share with you my favorite resources!

But first of all, how can you learn “edible insects” and entomophagy ?

“Edible insects” a wide and broad topic

While “making people eating bugs and loving it” is an amazing and worthwhile entrepreneurial journey, if you want to deeply understand the topic, I think that you also need to strengthen a large of variety skills and learn various topics. For doing that, I’m studying continuously the field in the broadest way as possible. My friend Dr. Victor Benno Meyer-Rochow has passed the last 30 years of life helping us understand the field and he’s still learning everyday. And as he’s a lot smarter than I am, I will need more time… (Hopefully, I’m #fueledbybugs so I got a lot of energy)

Which topics do I choose to study and learn?

  • First and foremost : We are lucky to have great books dedicated to the topic, so just as Newton said : “Stand on the shoulders of giants” , I try to read every article related directly to edible insects and entomophagy
  • What does eating insects does into your body : health, nutrition and physiology
  • Eating is more than just a sum of nutrients : cooking and food sociology
  • What are insects and how to farm them: Entomology
  • The impact of farming : Agriculture, environment and the food system
  • Once we know that, we also need to convince people and be able to communicate effectively : Communication & Marketing

With learning and studying these different topics, I’m planning to become a “general specialist”, which I find really interesting and useful. Having a clear overview and skills in these different topics allow me go deeper than ever in the topic of edible insects. More over, I think that the more you dig into a topic, you have to open your mind to new ideas and learn other fields. And finally, I feel more creative than ever!

How do I proceed ?

I alternate reading books, attending course and seminars, listening to programmes and writing in order to stimulate my different learning systems. Going back and forth on the different topics allow to use my short term and my long term memory.

Why do I need to learn if I’m already improving my skills while working?

I decided to allocate some time for learning every day. Even if I learn while working, I found that I always reach a plateau and I feel the need to back to learning. For more information about this idea, you can watch this amazing Ted talk.Eduardo Briceno explains the importance of separation between the learning time while you’re studying and the performance time while you’re working:

Okay, enough about me! I found this process really interesting and I see some results. But, I tried to find some more general advices that you could apply for your own life and your own interests. (I assume that you don’t care at edible insects as I do…)

5 steps to learn a topic you really care about

  • 1° Choose the topic you want to learn according to your different passion and interests
  • 2° Which subjects related to this topic do I need to learn and improve
  • 3° Find good, various and reliable sources
  • 4° Make a commitment to learn
  • 5° Be curious as a child!

That’s all for today, those are my personal feedback and my own experience, I hope you’ll find this useful and make 2017 your best year (until 2018!). Leave a comment just below and share your experience and how you learn and improve your skills!

On the next post, I will share with you one of my favourite way to learn : The MOOCS

Take care and see you soon!


Formerly I'm an environmental engineer, personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and "Entotarian". In the edible insects industry for five years, I've been consultant for an insect farm in France, free-lance writer and international speaker. After developing the world's first table-top farm, I'm now in Paris with Jimini's where we are developing and selling delicious insects. I would say that my life revolves around eating insects.

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