I’m on Snapchat! Let’s have some fun together !

Hello everyone, I’m on Snapchat!

snapchat edible insects entomophagy mealworms cricket fitness food

It’s the summer, the weather is hot (there are insects everywhere!) but I didn’t forgot about you. At this moment of time, last year, I was hanging around with my caveman suit and writing about insects at the paleo period (while being eaten by mosquitoes) .

I had a lot of fun writing this article and I wished I could shared this with you… Now, it’s possible I’m on Snapchat; so follow my bug eater life here !

Snapchat : A really interesting way to share my bug eater life with you !

I told a few weeks ago that it was the end of Entomoveproject but in fact I want to spend more time with you so now; I’m also on Snapchat…

Snapchat is a very cool application to share some moments of your life and I have to admit that I’m quite alone on this platform for the moment… Yeah, finding some people who breed insects, eat insects with an interest in nutrition, fitness, sustainability and nature is quite tough… So I count on you for sharing our cool moments about all of this on Snapchat together ! What does a bug eater life’s look like on Snapchat ?

A lot of work indeed !

snapchat edible insects entomophagy mealworms cricket fitness food

Let’s start with the real deal ! Yeah, everybody knows that mealworms and crickets are really nutritious; so they give me a lot of energy!

I will share my very bug’sy life with you on Snapchat and I hope to see yours too. Yeah, I would love to share with you how I find ideas for new articles between make researches in old books about entomophagy, speaking with scientists or making some activities to bring more attention on the subject.

But this is the little part … I’m now with Livin farms; where we are developing the first device that let you grow insects right in your kitchen !. And this is very cool! You’ll be able to follow me when I’m on travel or making some tests and improvement of our Hive.

And what do I do on my spare time? I work out!!! You can follow my outside daily workout enjoyed in the nature. Share also your workouts with me! No excuses, everybody’s telling that “insects are superfood”; so if you eat insects you must have enough energy to train.

A lot food with insects on Snapchat

snapchat edible insects entomophagy mealworms cricket fitness food

How do I fill my body with all this energy ? With nutritious food !

Since the day I decided to stop eating meat, I felt in love with the vegetarian and vegan cuisine and I find it fits pretty well with insects.

When I started this journey, I discovered a lot of ingredients that are nutritious, tasty and full of colors! When you start combining insects with vegetarian cuisine; I can’t say that I’m following some recipes… It’s always new experiences !

So let’s share this wonderful world of colors and nutrients together and fill our body with energy and happiness! (There are also a lot of fails… but pshhhhht)

How do insects taste and paired with different flavors and texture ? I hop discovering some good food pairing with this crunchy texture and nutty flavor !

Visit my bug farm on Snapchat and follow my experiences !

snapchat edible insects entomophagy mealworms cricket fitness food

I will come soon back to help my dad taking care of our home scale mealworms farm. It will be a great opportunity to make a lot of breeding and cooking experiences.

How do mealworms enjoy this or that kind of food? How do they live their daily life? I don’t have all these answers yet; but we’ll soon know this together !

And that’s not all… I found that mealworms fed on different diets have a different taste. Let’s dig into that, and try to improve this ! Which temperature is better ? Oven or pan ? Pressure cooking, steam, infusion ? So many questions … There will be a lot of experiences to do and I hope to find new answers questions thanks to you !

And maybe one day, I will also try to breed other insects… (But pshiitt, that’s still a secret!)

And what do I do after studying, breeding and cooking insects?

snapchat edible insects entomophagy mealworms cricket fitness food

So what do I do after studying insects in books, breeding insects, cooking and eating them ? I need to disconnect from all of that…

You guessed it, I grab a pair of boots, some nets and magnifying glass and I hang out in nature watching and study insects in their natural environment !

When the world is going too fast, I go in the wild and be simply fascinated by this universe. That’s when I see these little creatures through my magnifying glasses that I see the world in big picture. I can realize how much they are important to the fragile balance of our environment. (And how is it so great to put these successful animals into my body! “Magical eating and edible beliefs” as written by Paul Rozin and Claude Fischler)

And it’s 100 times more fun than PokemonGo, you’ll never know which one you’re gonna find, so I hope to share them with you!

Life is more fun when you share those moments with great people

snapchat edible insects entomophagy mealworms cricket fitness food

For the moment, it was always about me me and me…

But if my life is so great, it’s because of all the people I met and share some time with…

Thanks to this passion, I turned a little fellow into a bug explorer, make a selfie with Paul Vantomme; ex-member of the FAO at Detroit airport, met Kiah a great great friend and make some cuddles with my bug suit… I’m now only waiting for you for sharing great moments together so join me on Snapchat!

Take care and see you soon!



Formerly I'm an environmental engineer, personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and "Entotarian". In the edible insects industry for five years, I've been consultant for an insect farm in France, free-lance writer and international speaker. After developing the world's first table-top farm, I'm now in Paris with Jimini's where we are developing and selling delicious insects. I would say that my life revolves around eating insects.

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