“Eating insects could really change the world” my presentation on Jimini’s blog.

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La version française c’est ici : “Manger des insectes peut réellement changement le monde”

Today, it’s a special post. Jimini’s, a french company specialized in seasoned edible insects offered me a chance to write some articles for their blog. As you surely know if you follow me, I really like this company, the team and their products.

If you want more information about Jimini’s – les insectes comestibles : here is a post about the “Paprika grasshopper” and here is a mug cake made with their products.

I wrote this post in French for their blog but I also wanted to share it with you, so here is the translation.

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After 2 posts of describing the situation about eating insects in Europe, it’s now time to introduce myself… For beginning, I would choose an expression that my friends often use : “Oh Florian, the guy who believes that eating insects will change the world“.

So, take a box of “Molitors”, sit comfortably, let’s go!

Who are you?

My name is Florian, I’m 28 and I live in Strasbourg (France). Passionate about sciences and nature, I studied physics and finished with a Master degree in Environment. During my childhood, as I suffered from eating disorders, I’ve been early interested in nutrition. Oh, I almost forgot, I’m eating insects (I also rear some at home!)

Where did come this idea of eating insects from ?

After many little jobs unrelated to my background, I did a self-analysis. I searched something that was meaningful to me and could also benefit others.

I took all my different passions : A sprinkle of environment and nutrition, a little of cooking and science, I added a spoon of craziness, some love and I mixed everything : “I know what I want to do in my life, I will eat insects and try to raise awareness about it”.

How grew this idea of eating insects?

When I started talking about it in 2011, nobody believed in this idea… At the same time, I got an opportunity for working in Tahiti, I wasn’t ready yet, so let’s work in the sun, eating insects can wait… After some little troubles, I came back and saw in the news that an insect farm opened in France.

I needed to follow my heart and do something! I started again my little job in order to have time for studying the field and farming some mealworms. My skills, my passion and my home-scale farm were growing but it was too hard to start something alone...

And why this blog?

In late august 2014, I went in Montreal at the “Eating Innovation – Conference on edible insects” for meeting some new people, maybe finding some opportunities and also for eating insects. (This also here I met Bastien and tried my first “Criquet au curry fruité”.) At the end of this event where I actually met a lot of amazing people (Yeah, Bastien you’re part of them!), I was talking with Dave Gracer. I don’t know if he remembered what he told me that day, but I will never forget it : “You know, you have a little something special, you should do something…”

As soon as I went home I was determined : I quitted my job, went back to the home nest in order to fully engage into studies : my own program “eating insects”. At the same time, I started this blog for staying in touch with my new friends, share my ideas and meet some people. A little ant can’t do a lot alone… It will work for me! (Here is a proof : I’m here writing for Jimini’s, they don’t know it yet but I will ask some “Criquets au Paprika” as a retribution)

Let’s get back to bugs, why do you believe that eating insects will change the world?

Food is life. It gives us energy but it’s also a social and economic engine and source of pleasure. At the present time, food which is available here, can be a source of anxiety and its production has an impact on the environment. At the same time, some people still suffer from hunger.

Insects, on their side, are an incredible food in so many ways. In the Western, we are trying to reconcile healthy food with pleasure and at the same we are searching for new sustainable alternatives, eating insects could definitely be one of them. In developing countries, this alternative could also bring a lot of benefits. At the present moment, there are 2037 species recorded as edible, and there are at least as many beautiful reasons to eat insects.

Why writing some posts on Jimini’s blog?

When Jimini’s offered me this opportunity, I didn’t hesitate and hopped on the occasion like a grasshopper. Their insects are tasty and well presented. They are coming from an European rearing system which guarantee some highest quality. More over, the team is very enthusiast, they give a great and cool image of entomophagy. With Jimini’s, eating insects is also funny.

A little last word?

A lot of people want that eating insects become something normal, ordinary. For Jimini’s and me, as our early bug-eaters, you will always remain special and we want that you feel it at every crunchy bite.

Because yes, eating insects in France and in the Western is special and uncommon and there must be a reason for you to act. Maybe that was your desire for discovery, an open-mind, a little rebellious spirit, a taste for good food or an act for the future generations. In any case, it means a lot for us because “Tell us what you eat, we will tell who you truly are“.

I will finish with “You are what you eat” and, if we think about it, insects are the most coolest, numerous and successful animal species on earth! You will feel some grasshoppers wings growing during your next “apéro”!

If you want some more information and follow my adventure, you can follow me on my blog on edible insects and you will have a lot of informations!



Formerly I'm an environmental engineer, personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and "Entotarian". In the edible insects industry for five years, I've been consultant for an insect farm in France, free-lance writer and international speaker. After developing the world's first table-top farm, I'm now in Paris with Jimini's where we are developing and selling delicious insects. I would say that my life revolves around eating insects.

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  1. Oldskool says:

    A.) That was great for those of us in your community who do not speak French.

    B.) That was a really positive, well thought out post for the Jimini’s community.

    C.) Given how search engines work, you’ve now given out a great, objective, “normalization” for both Jimini’s ento offerings specifically, and ento as a whole, for folks in French and English. (Your posts don’t exist in a vacuum of just your readers, so….)

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