Eating insects together : For my bug-eater friends

Hello everyone, I know I’m less active on my blog but I’m still here talking about bugs and eating insects ! I’m back to give you some updates, share some of my fresh ideas and thoughts and show you what my incredible friends are doing! (Old style!)

It’s also because I’m happy ! And what do I love to do when I’m happy ? Yes, you guessed it; writing ! (and eating insects!).


This article will start with some hope and kind words because I truly believe that I’m very lucky to be who I am, where I am today and with whom I can share everything. Well, on a global scale we might be soon in trouble; according to the news; we might have passed a critical point regarding the CO2 level but it might also be an eye-opener for a lot of people. Things can change for the better; because there are amazing people out there and great tools available. So let’s do something about that!

On my way for continuous learning of the field of “Entomophagy”

And what is the great tool available ? Internet and its possibility. You can know learn anything, have access to a lot of information (really a LOT) and network, speak and meet new people sharing your point of view.

On my way to try to understand this broad field of entomophagy, what it means to eat insects and having a global view of the field, I’m studying various topics.

I will soon finish a really interesting and valuable seven weeks online course. I found this course on the edX platform and the topic is “Introduction to sociology” from Arizona state university. As usual, after the hundreds of hours learning the subject, I now have more questions than answers, but that’s exciting. As the famous entomologist Jean-Henri Fabre said :


For more insights about learning different subjects; here is a really interesting article.

Eating insects; that’s what link us!

And what about the great people? I’m at a point in my life when I realize that the majority of people I speak and I’m in contact with are related to eating bugs. They come from all around the world and have been met mainly thanks to this bog and the social media. This thing of “ entomophagy” and eating insects led me to meet people and speak with people from every continent!

Wether it is our first Livin farms backers who will soon join us and start raising mealworms right in their kitchen or through my blog, I travelled a lot physically or without leaving my bedroom!

I spoke with someone setting up a black soldier fly farm facility and a science teacher from Australia. I now have a friend in South-Africa and I’m in touch with a scientist in Benin who is breeding grasshoppers in order to alleviate malnutrition. I’ve been in Asia through Charlotte eyes and her amazing “BugsRoadtrip” in Thailand. Needless to say how many great people from North and South America I met and e-met in Montreal and Detroit. But I’m also on the ground here in Europe where I made new friends and colleagues in Vienna, Paris, Wageningen and Strasbourg!

And what’s the link between my lessons in sociology and the people I met? I find fascinating that we are all from different backgrounds, different countries and origins and we are all linked by one thing. We are all linked by what we eat and what it means. We all eat insects and share the values and beliefs of this practice. Is this the beginning of a subculture, or a social movement? I hope so!

It’s also the time for a little show up!

Some of my friends are really putting out great content that you really need to see!

After following him and literally drooling over his recipes, I met Don Peavy aka Chef PV eat bugs in Detroit and got the opportunity to try his wonderful crickets tacos. During our first meeting, he showed me a preview of his Youtube series. His channel will be the first dedicated specially to entomophagy and eating insects : Check the first episode here and don’t forget to subscribe to his channel!

And now let’s get to the girls! The wonderful Aly Moore aka Bugible is running a great blog and will make her first public appearance related to edible insects; if you’re in LA don’t miss this event. She’s really enthusiast and really creative, you’ll have a good time with her!We met in Detroit during the Eating Insects Conference and we really bumped into each other one morning ! Detroit is a big city and I was really outside the center… What was the chance that we chose the same AirBnB room? Very few but that’s the pleasure of life!

At last but not a least, my great great friend Kiah Brash. I deeply believe that without her I wouldn’t be who I am today. I remember this day of early 2014 as if it was yesterday when a girl who seemed friendly was on crowdfunding. She wanted to go to Thailand, learn about cricket farming and teach science and English in Thai schools… I participated at her campaign and became “a mealworm”. Since that day, we have always been in contact from Montreal to Detroit! Seeing her work and enthusiasm really cheered me up! She started making little demo for presenting entomophagy and now she spoke in Montreal, Detroit, cooked some crickets and mealworms for a local radio show. I was so proud to see her photo in the news and see her speaking at the International congress of Entomology 2016. You’re truly amazing my friend!

Pssst; don’t leave that’s not over… I didn’t mention it often but I’m also managing Livin farms blog and Doctor Victor Benno Meyer-Rochow science blog. We got the chance to have him as a guest blogger on our blog! You can read there a bio essay related to entomophagy and edible insects. He is one of the true pioneer of the field; someone who inspired me to be involved in this movement of eating insects. I hope you’ll enjoy your reading.

And after all this, you must be hungry… So there is a good news! We made a second limited batch of our crunchy MicroFoods! Don’t miss the opportunity to pre-order your delicious jar of our roasted mealworms.


Click on the photo to pre-order your jar !

Take care and see you soon.



Formerly I'm an environmental engineer, personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist and "Entotarian". In the edible insects industry for five years, I've been consultant for an insect farm in France, free-lance writer and international speaker. After developing the world's first table-top farm, I'm now in Paris with Jimini's where we are developing and selling delicious insects. I would say that my life revolves around eating insects.

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