About me

Happiness comes with locusts! Montreal Eating Innovation Food group, Credit : Jan Keck 2014

Happiness comes with locusts!
Montreal Eating Innovation Food group, Credit : Jan Keck 2014


My name is Florian Nock, I’m 27, I live in Strasbourg (France) and I eat insects. For the moment, this is something considered as weird, crazy and ,for the most of the time, disgusting (only in the Western countries!). My goal is to help changing the mentalities.

Why am I so passionate about this project?

This goal is ,for me, the connection of all the dots. In other words, it is the combination of all of my passions : Nutrition, healthy lifestyle, environment and sharing.

As an ex-obese child and ex-anorexic young adult who became a fitness enthusiast, I have a special relation with food. I always try to find the healthiest way to eat and discover and taste new nutritious products.

I had been interested in environment for a long time, it started with all the books and TV shows I watched during my childhood until my master degree obtained in environmental sciences.

I had always been enthusiast about sharing, entertaining and teaching. During all of my previous jobs, my favorite moments were when I had contact with audiences and when I could share my thoughts and ideas.

Where do I find the bugs I eat?

I’m raising mealworms since 2012 at a domestic scale for a personal consumption, culinary experimentation and buffet with my friends or open-minded people.

Sharing my passion with my family, my father “had the bug” and started his own breeding process in middle of 2013.

At first sight, my mother was not very open to taste insects, but now, she sometimes cooks and eats them! (If you want to make her a gift, she prefers the crickets!)

Which species do I have already tasted?

I had already eaten Buffalo worms, mealworms, crickets and locusts. I could not tell you which one I loved the most!

What about now?

I believe that when you have found your passion, your real goal, you have to work for it. I quitted my job and left my appartement to live with my parents in order to help my father for the breeding and to start the journey of the EntoMoveProject and give it all about it, this blog will be my journal.

And then?

I don’t know where this adventure will lead me, neither the impact it can have. But I had to act and give it all, now!